Pigeon Baby Tooth & Gum Wipes 6m+


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✔️ Aqua
✔️ Propylene glycol
✔️ Xylitol
✔️ Sodium citrate
✔️ Citric acid
✔️Camellia sinensis leaf extract

🍁 100% food grade ingredients
🍁 Fluoride free
🍁 No Alcohol, coloring and preservatives

How to use:
🍁 Remove tooth wipe from sachet.
🍁 Wipe baby’s teeth and gum clean from food particles.
🍁 No rinsing is required.

❗️❗️ CAUTION ❗️❗️
❌ Use wipes immediately after opening the sachet.
❌ Do not reuse
❌ Do not use on infected gum/tooth
❌ In the event of unexpected rash or redness, stop using immediately and consult your doctor.
❌ Keep out of reach from babies
❌ Adult supervision is required to prevent accidental swallowing
❌ Do not flush wipes down the toilet
❌ Store at room temperature

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Natural, Strawberry;


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