NUK Wide Neck Flow Control Y-Cut Teat 6-18M (2PCS)



NUK First Choice+ Flow Control Teat: helps the transition to independent drinking :
⚜️ The special NUK First Choice+ Flow Control teat lets babies control the flow themselves when they are drinking. No matter if they want to drink quickly or slowly or if whatever you are feeding is thin or thick. Just as the baby likes it.

⚜️ In addition, the teat is also leak-proof. This is because the innovative Y-opening of the teat only opens when your baby is sucking and widens depending on the sucking strength of your baby. Together with the NUK Anti-Colic Air System, this ensures a controlled drinking flow.

✅ Helps the transition to independent drinking: NUK Flow Control enables your baby to regulate the flow of feed intuitively
✅ Natural and right for the jaw: particularly soft silicone teat is like a parents’s breast during breastfeeding
✅ No colic* – the NUK Anti-Colic Air System ensures a natural flow
✅ Clinically tested**: for an optimal combination of breast and bottle feeding
✅ For all types of feeds, compatible with all NUK First Choice accessories

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