Autumnz Aspira Single Electric Breastpump


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Anti Backflow Device : To prevent milk contamination

3 Pumping Modes : Massage, Expression & Dwi modes for effective & efficient pumping

Multi Suction Levels :  9 suction levels to choose from Massage Mode and 5 suction levels from each Expression Mode and Dwi Mode

*You can pause your pumping at any mode and at point in time without having need to fully off the pump. Resume your pumping at any convenient time after that.*

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery : Allow you to express anywhere conveniently with longer usage time

Triple Power Source : Main electric power & Lithium-Ion battery or USB (Free power bank cable)

Ultrasoft Silicone Massage Breast Shield : With comfortable massage bubbles design

Light, Portable & Ultra Quiet : Compact to carry around with quiet motor unit

Touch Screen with LED Display
 : Allows you to see the modes and suction levels clearly on the touchscreen

Detachable accessories : All accessories are detachable and easy to clean. Just take few seconds to assemble all parts

BPA Free : All parts that touch breastmilk are BPA Free

Happy Breastfeeding!

*Comes with 1 year warranty period*

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